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Mountain Goats - Fire on the Trail

Can mountain goats survive a forest fire?

Can Mountain Goats Fly?

Mountain Goats spend a lot of time with no feet on the ground at all.

To view McKendrick Mountain reports, visit our YouTube channel at

oreamnos2012 - YouTube

McKendrick Mountain Reports

We are monitoring the small goat herd on McKendrick Mountain where the herd has declined from 22 goats in 2012 to 8 goats today.

High Society

Nannies battle over rank and all the rest of the herd sits back and watches.

Weather On the Mountain

Blowing snow doesn't slow a mountain goat. It's all fun no matter the weather.

Two Billies

Hormones flare in a confrontation between two billies that are friends the rest of the year.

Mountain Goats and the Bears

Goats and bears share the same slope and it ends with a chase.

Following Mom

Newborn kids follow their Mom within 4 days of birth. No problem for these small mountain climbing experts.

Mountain Goats - the Rut

All the rut behaviour is on display within 2 meters of the camera. It's night but the goats don't care. Darkness doesn't slow them down.

Mountain Goat Rock Climbers

We follow two mountain goats as they scramble up and down a very steep cliff. They show the confidence and athletic ability that sets mountain goats apart from all other alpine wildlife.

Mountain Goat Cave Makers

By dislodging rocks to consume mineral salts, the goats are creating ledges and caves over many years.

Mountain Goats On a Ledge

This herd sleeps in winter on a narrow ledge that shelters them from rain and snow. It's a noisy chaotic place at times.


Mountain Goats at Night

Goats can see well enough to walk along cliff tops and through dense brush. We see some of the other creatures that share the night.

Outtakes 2 - Just Kidding Around

All the mountain goat kids in this video are between one and four weeks old. They don't have any problem keeping up with mom. Enjoy.

Inside a Mountain Goat Winter Home

The routine for mountain goats in winter is all about conserving energy and surviving until spring. This video reveals the details of a winter day.

One Tough Goat

We travel with a young mountain goat with a serious injury.

Ready for the Rut

Three billies are friends but the rut will transform them into rivals.


A Mountain Goat Mineral Lick

These goats travel 5 km through a forest to reach this very large mineral lick. The journey is very high risk but the goats make the trip over and over.

Canyon Goats

Not all mountain goats live high in the alpine. Some reside in low elevation creek canyons down in the forest. They are seldom seen but you'll watch them here.


Roaming Free - Mountain Goats In Summer

Video and photos of the key events in the summer for mountain goats - from birth of kids to shedding a winter coat to moving up and down the mountain for browse and safety.


Hiking in Mountain Goat Country

We explain possible encounters you may have while hiking. Video from real-life show what to do to keep yourself and the goats safe.


Mountain Goat Outtakes

Getting too close to mountain goats, a parade of goats in winter sunlight, this video is all for fun.


An Island in the Snow

Mountain Goat Winter Habitat

Wind clears snow from the ridgetop winter home of a small herd of mountain goats.


Mountain Goats and Wolves

Again we use an automatic camera to reveal the secret life of mountain goats on a remote mountain ridge


Photographing Mountain Goats with a Trail Camera

A trail camera is an excellent way to observe mountain goat behaviour without effecting the goats.


Mountain Goats and Their Neighbours in Extreme Weather

Mountain goats stay in the shade on hot summer days and stay busy finding scarce feed on cold winter days. But there are few animals that share the mountain in winter.


Mountain Goats On A Wild Ridge -

When not hunted, mountain goats show little fear of humans. Instead they are curious and will approach to get a better look.


Mountain Goats in Winter -

Cold, wind and a lack of good feed in the alpine make winter a challenge for mountain goats

Mountain Goats and Snowmobiles

A Case Study

  Part 2 - Yukon Mountain Goats - Gender and Anatomy
  Part 3 - Yukon Mountain Goats - Challenge Displays
  Part 4 - Yukon Mountain Goats - Mature Males

Part 5 - Yukon Mountain Goats - Sounds

New - we have added new video clips that show a mountain goat using voice to attract attention from other goats below - a first instance

  Part 6 - Yukon Mountain Goats - Do they climb trees?
  Part 7 - Yukon Mountain Goats - At Play
  Part 8 - Yukon Mountain Goats - Kids

Mountain Goat Molt

Mountain goats shed their long winter coat in early summer.


Mountain Goat Beds

Mountain goats dig a shallow depression in soft soil for a bed.


Mountain Goat Herds

The herd is made up of nannies, kids and immature males and females.


Mountain Goat Male Band

Mature male mountain goats stay alone or in small bands of 2 to 5.


Mountain Goat Neighbours - Caribou

Caribou stay on flat or rolling alpine plateaus and do not compete with goats for feed.


Mountain Goat Neighbours - Ptarmigan

Ptarmigan stay on the open alpine meadows year-round except in stormy weather.


Goats in Steep Terrain

Mountain goats are safe from predators on near-vertical rock walls.


Mountain Goat Neighbours - Marmot

Marmot are an alpine groundhog. They live close to wet meadows with a good source of water. They hibernate for 8 months of the year so summer is an important time of year.


mountain goat

mountain goat

mountain goat

mountain goat

mountain goat

mountain goat

mountain goat

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mountain goats

mountain goats

mountain goats

mountain goats

mountain goats

mountain goats

mountain goats

mountain goat mature male

mountain goat molt

group of mountain goats

group of mountain goats

group moving

herd at rest







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