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mountain goat facts and photos near Smithers BC Canada

The mountain goat is a very unique mammal. Their ability to climb and travel on steep rock cliffs is superior to all other large mammals and keeps them safe from predators.

Mountain goats survive winter temperatures down to -50 C and wind to 90 kph along with deep snow, avalanches, rock falls and ice. Mountain goats have survived extreme conditions during  ice ages in western North America over the last 40,000 years.

Join us to learn more about the mountain goat.


In central British Columbia, we are very fortunate to live in some of the best mountain goat country in the world. We count on seeing mountain goats every time we hike in the local mountains.

The world population of mountain goats is low - estimated at less than 110,000 so we have to pay close attention to make sure that mountain goats survive any disruption by humans.

This web site is devoted to the conservation of the mountain goat and its habitat. We also advocate for research to learn more about the mountain goat and education to enable everyone to learn about the mountain goat.

Latest News

Check the Gallery page for the latest videos. We have added a new video about a day in the life of a mountain goat herd in winter. Our cameras reveal the small size of the winter home and the routine the goats follow each day.

We also added a video highlighting mountain goat kids. They are sure-footed and soon stay ahead of mom.




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